Why Join A Club?

Clubs provide many advantages and challenges for 4WD owners. Most clubs are family orientated and cater for family participation. Organized trips are carried out in the company of people who have similar vehicles and interests. Some clubs organize short day trips close to home and long trips into remote areas.

The advantages of traveling with a group of experienced four wheel drivers are obvious and you get accredited four wheel driver training recognized Australia wide.

Other club activities include:

  • Regular social outings, Guest speakers, Social functions, and inter club competitions.
  • Access to club equipment, libraries and knowledge of experienced drivers.
  • Club discounts from advertisers and insurance.
  • Including technical information and advice.
  • Various clubs cater for different types of 4WD's and a wide range of activities.

Although most clubs have a joining fee, these are usually small in comparison to the benefits received.

Clubs maintain a keen interest in public land issues and members are kept aware of any controls or restrictions on certain areas through club education programs.

Most clubs have a monthly magazine to keep members up to date on forthcoming activities and matters of interest.

Contact your local club and attend a couple of trips to see how club members work together to make four wheel driving fun.